Your Management IQ - According to Google

Check out your management IQ - according to Google.  Answer the below questions and then click on the below article to get the ansers.
(Laszlo Bock, senior vice president of people operations at Google, talks about what Google has learned from Big Data.)

1. Are some managers better at hiring than others?
2. What is the best predictor to use when hiring people?

a. Brain teasers (i.e., how many golf balls can you fit in a 55-gallon oil barrel?)
b. GPA/Standardized tests
c. Structured behavioral questions
d. Your intuition

3. Is it easier to teach leadership or management?
4. What is the most important leadership attribute to a subordinate?
5. How has Google made it harder to be a bad manager?

Click on the below attachment for the answers and see what Google's opinion is.