More Detailed, Objective and Quantifiable Is Better

Detail in Key

We at Breault & Smith LLC pride ourselves on our very detailed orientated nature. In order to maximize your various skills and years of experience, for both you and our employing clients, we created this short guide on how to avoid being too general. By following our short guideline we believe we can better market your capabilities for the ideal position at the ideal company. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to any of us at any time.


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When describing your capabilities and past experiences for us, just remember one thing,




We have provided five general statements below with tips attached in bold on how to make them more detailed for not only us to get a better grasp of your experiences but employing clients as well. We hope these help, and please contact us if you have any further comments or questions.


1)            “Self motivated individual with over 15 years of successful sales within financial services.”

-       Give details about how you define successful sales (i.e., being #1 or #2 salesman is great and provide). How many deals did you execute and what was the average sale price, etc.?


2)            “In depth knowledge of the financial service space with the ability to discuss details of the space”

Provide explicit examples of the knowledge you have accumulated during your experiences. For instance did you help clients understand how having OTC derivatives are beginning to be listed on exchanges? Be specific as possible.


 3)            “Excellent client facing skills with the ability to close deals through value based selling at multiple levels of an organization.”

Who were the clients and what were the deals? What specific levels of an organization have you dealt with?


 4)            ”Experienced in all aspects of sales, passed certifications, and value based presenting, and closing.”

- Examples, examples, examples are key. What sales have closed and where? What certifications have you passed and when?


5)            “Closed the largest deal over the past 3 years with a Chicago based hedge fund (front office trading solution)”

 Although this contains some detail, it still lacks key information. For instance, which hedge fund? What were the specifics of the deal and your specific role in it?

John Breault,
Jul 23, 2014, 3:57 PM