Recommended Firms

If you have a consulting need, we have a number of firms who we can recommend as others have recommended these firms to us and/or we have significant experience with them.

Recommendations include:

- Employee Benefits Consulting
- Coaching & Organizational Effectiveness -
- Compensation Consulting Firms (Johnson Associates)
- Compliance
- HR Outsourcing
- Insurance
- etc.

After Ten Years at National Insurance Brokerage Firm, Louis D'Agostino Branches Out to help Form
Iron Cove Partners, LLC.

We unequivocally recommend Lou.

We unequivocally recommend The Hartshorn Group for Legal, Office Support and Temporary Staffing needs.  Entering their fourth decade and a Woman Owned Business, we have found Diane and Bill to be top 1% partners and performers.

Please contact Dianne or Bill @ / or (973) 884-0700.  Their website is

Please contact John Breault @ or 908-630-9090 if you have any questions.

Disclosure:  While most recommendations and referrals are done on a no fee sharing basis, we may share fees with search firms.