Marty Sands Union College Lacrosse Team & Alumni Career Options & Networking

Five years ago Marty and Kim Sands started an effort to pass along career lessons to members of Union's lacrosse team.  The network has grown to over 200 alumni members, some of whom played lacrosse at Union and many who have caught the passion of Union lacrosse.

The fifth annual event was held on March 31st from 6pm to 8pm at the Nott Memorial with all 45 lacrosse team members enjoying an Italian meal and learning career lessons from three speakers.

Emphasis on tenacity, taking risks, having a unrelenting passion in pursuit of what you love were some of the themes.  Additionally, using the lacrosse alumni network to seeking internships and full-time position after graduating from college was encouraged.  Kim Sands, as she does every year, gave out the book, XXXXXXXXXX, to all who attended,

Some ideas in the below hierarchy you might find interesting. 

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