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Compensation Research Associate - Intern

Internship (unpaid) – Summer 2011 and could continue after summer

Conduct one compensation survey per month of a executive position in the hedge fund area by:
  • Having the surveyed position explained by the head of B&S LLC
  • Do research on the position and on compensation surveys and create prototype survey 
  • Validate prototype with clients 
  • Mirror at least one incumbent in the position 
  • Participate with the head of B&S LLC in 10 calls to survey participants 
  • Conduct 5 calls to survey participants and be evaluated on the effectiveness of the calls 
  • Conduct 35 calls to complete the data gathering process 
  • Discuss survey analysis and create report for participants, major accounts and others survey will be made available to 
  • Conduct one complete survey per month 
  • 20 hour time commitment per month 

  • Work independently and have demonstrated high integrity 
  • Extremely analytic and creative, a T type as used by President Stephen Ainlay of Union College 
  • Confident and high presence 
  • Familiarity with Google Apps a plus 
  • Familiarity with hedge funds, compensation, executive search a plus 
  • Person can work where they want but need to be able to meet in Manhattan and/or Northern New Jersey 

John Breault, President and CEO
Breault & Smith, LLC
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
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