Terrace Club at Rockefeller Plaza (51st betw 5th & 6th)

25 West 51st Street (Seventh Floor)
NY NY 100178
(212) 262-8100

The Terrace Club is on the 7th Floor of the Club Quarters.  

Please ask the receptionist on the main floor for a pass card to the Terrace Club on the 7th floor and tell the receptionist that you have a meeting with a member of the club.

When you exit onto the 7th floor, please either ask the receptionist for me or look for me as I will have my suit coat off and will be wearing suspenders.  If I am speaking with someone, please interrupt to introduce yourself.

I'm reachable at my usual number - 908-630-9090. If you need to text message me, pls use 908-256-9367.