Associate - Middle Market Debt Investing

Associate - Middle Market Debt Investing - Top 5 Private Equity Credit fund founded over 20 years ago seeks a hands-on entrepreneurial well-rounded driven investment professional modeler for its NYC office.

Differentiators of this firm:
  • People are promoted based on what they are able to accomplish and not based on time in industry, time with firm, having or not having some education or time passing by (aka, MERIT).
  • It's all about the fit and quality of the person.  If you meet the below requirements, you DO NOT have to have any credit or buy side experience
  • Top achiever which could be evidenced through top college, top standardized score, top GPA, top athletics, top arts, CFA, MBA, league tables, top other, etc.
  • You could be a fit with 2-4 years experience (see above) but many people with need more experience as a middle market debt investor.
  • Reckless abandonment passion for analyzing investments through fundamentals and modeling.
  • Deal teams are learn.
    • Good experience is owning the entire credit underwriting process
    • Great experience is above with negotiating business terms, documentation, etc.
  • Must be a person who can handle all the pluses and minuses that come with earning responsibilities and learning by being give more responsibility faster than they would at other places