Analyst at Start-up (35-40k base)

Analyst at Start-up - (Downtown Manhattan; 35-40k base; 1+ years experience; when you consider what you'll learn, who you work with and growth potential, some would volunteer to work in this role)

Title: Analyst (Exempt position) 

Location: Downtown Manhattan 

Compensation: 35-40k base salary [You will be interested in this position because of what you will be given the chance to learn, the freedom and the chance to make a very big difference. If you don’t particularly feel you would consider working in the position for free, if you had the economic ability to work for free, then the role is probably not a good one for you.] 

Employee benefits: Normal employee benefits with company contributing 70% of premium payment. 

Other: Full-time responsibilities that for the very talented can be achieved from any location (home, school, while on vacation, etc.) once trust is established. 

Position description: At a start-up hedge fund data and consulting firm funded by outside investor capital, founded by a retired Goldman Sachs Managing Partner and recognized as the world’s expert in alternative investment due diligence and providing a specialized service similar to Bloomberg, be the founders right hand person and be involved in all aspects of the business.

Basic but critical duties include: 
  • Making copies, scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements, follow-up on items delegated by the head of the firm. (As a start-up, everyone in the firm does everything as part of teamwork.) 

More analytical duties include:
  • Serving as firm's ambassador to clients, prospects and other critical relationships
  • Performing market analysis studies 
  • Learning the alternative investment due diligence process 
  • Recognizing needs that are unmet and meeting them 
As with most start-ups, you will largely create the position description.

Commitment by the incumbent of two years is optimal. Exposure and responsibilities in aspects of business that many never get is a part of the total “remuneration” of the position. The most successful incumbent will create a role that will lead them to Associate and Vice President level responsibility. You’ll have the freedom to make this position as important to the firm and as fulfilling to yourself in proportion to your capabilities and imagination. If this sounds exciting, the role may be for you. If this sounds intimidating, the role is probably not for you. 

Note: (This is one of those roles that someone could start in and through their own hard work and smarts, the role could be grown to be one of the top people in the firm in 5 years. The opportunity is there. It all depends on a person having the smarts, evangelism, tenacity, great people skills, philosophy of team-work, etc, to take advantage of the opportunity.)