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Institutional Sales - Associate

Sales Associate – Institutional Sales – (Boston; New York; Chicago; LA; Leading software and services firm; proven sales hunter; knowledge of asset management workflows; interest in developing long-term client relationship;  work as member of team with Senior Sales and Relationship and learn from the best; base 70 to 90k with ttl compensation in 110 to 130k area)


Assist the go-to sales and relationship person for assigned Institutional Clients in financial services (i.e., asset mgt, corporate treasury, insurance, private equity, publicly traded REITS.) by knowing the Clients’ business workflow almost as well as the Client, presenting thought-leadership to the Client, being seen by the Client as a trusted-advisor and being a business partner with the Client. With a long-term greedy philosophy, help generate revenue > $3M per year.


Your past accomplishments must include: 
  • Being the number one or two revenue producing salesperson (i.e., you are a wired hunter) in your product/solution area
  • Not only can you find/hunt for sales but you are a great closer. You are also excellent at mining for sales/solutions opportunities within an Institutional firm.
  • An developing rolodex of firms and relationships many of whom will take a meeting at your request because of the results you have achieved for the firm in the past.
  • Having an entrepreneurial philosophy including asking for forgiveness rather than permission, winning, believing that no task (i.e., making own travel arrangements, word processing a contract, producing your own pitchbooks, etc.) is "beneath you," etc.
  • Having a history of excellence as demonstrated through academic and personal achievements, diversity of interests and global perspective.