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Senior PE Accountant (LA)

Private Equity Accountant (Los Angeles; three to five years hedge fund or private equity accounting experience; 65k to 80k base + bonus)


Maintenance Partnerships accounting records by: developing and maintaining client relationships; understanding the client’s partnership agreement(s) in detail and all deliverables; planning work to meet client timetables and deadlines; post and/or review all journal entries and prepare monthly trial balance reports; keeping all journal entries for each Investment Vehicle and preparing required activity reports;
reconciling bank accounts; tracking wire transfers received from investors; preparing and issuing annual audited financial statements, in accordance with US GAAP for each entity; preparing quarterly financial reporting packages for client and/or investors; maintaining and updating partnership investment data (number of shares, location of securities, country of origin); coordinating audit with client’s audit firm

  • Must be well organized and disciplined to work in a timely manner. 
  • 3-5 years of private fund or hedge fund accounting experience required (preferably with some public accounting).
  • Must be able to interact with others at various levels, but does not have any direct reports. May be utilized as a training resource for new employees.