Liquid Alternatives Wholesaler (East Coast) - Independent Contractor

Using leads from internal wholesalers and your own rolodex, generate interest in this liquid alternative product with a 30 year track record. Fund is on 8 prestigious platforms.

Firm is run by a high integrity former CME trader who sees greater opportunity in the liquid alt area. PM has managed funds at Cargil, Refco, RJ O’Brien, etc. and has been a PM for over twenty years. Head of Sales is a pro who I have worked with since 2005. The fund’s was reconfigured in July 2015 and it’s track record puts it in the upper third of funds of its type.

Work where ever you want. Base 100k+, which is a non-refundable draw. 15 basis points on assets raised above 1.5M per month with a three year trail of 15, 6, 3. You are expected to raise at least 5M in first 6 months and 20M in 12 months.

Tearsheet and other information available once client has an interest in interviewing you. Interview and engagement process with be quick.