Head of Buy-Side Sales - OTC Derivatives Software and Services

Head of Buy-Side Sales - OTC Derivatives Software and Services (Manhattan-based;  the leading global OTC derivatives transactions software and services firm; firm's Clients manage over $25 trillion in assets; 7-12 years experience on the buy and sell-side with near expert OTC derivatives expertise; beginning total compensation 200k to 225k;  potential total compensation $275k+ at end of second year)
Our client is a top 5 global Alternative Investment software and services provider.  It is the only global firm that offfers the flexibility for clients to license their software and/or outsource the workflow that the software would solve if used inhouse.  This firm is one of the dominant firms in the Alternative Investment service area.

Aggressive commission structure is calculated formulaically and paid more often than annually. 

We have known the Head of Sales for 7+ years and she is a great mentor and compensated by how well the people she manages do - a great formula for a successful sales career with very good rewards.